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Blood Donor Info

Volunteer Canine Blood Donors Wanted

Like humans, our canine companions have urgent needs for transfusion products. Blood is a life-saving product used for patients suffering from anemia or blood loss. A single blood donation can be used to save many lives because the blood is processed into both red blood cells and plasma.Could my dog be a donor?

Healthy donors are in great demand here in the Northwest. The Pet Emergency Clinic in Spokane is currently looking for volunteer donors that are:

  • happy and healthy
  • greater than 60 pounds
  • between 1-6 years old
  • willing to lie still for 10 minutes

We ask our donors to stay current on vaccinations with their regular veterinarian and commit to the program for two years or about 12 collections.

Learn more

If you would like to learn more about the transfusion program and how your dog could be saving lives, please contact the Pet Emergency Clinic Blood Bank to schedule an appointment for a canine blood donor evaluation:


Please leave a message on the machine or with the clinic receptionist if no blood bank staff is available.

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